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From Keywords & Competitors Analysis over Content Optimization to Linkbuilding & PR. SEO for your E-Commerce store, local business or affiliate site.

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    Why should you hire an SEO Expert, and what are the benefits of SEO?

    SEO doesn't sound as juicy as running Ads, but it is an essential factor for Brand Building and generating organic traffic and sales.

    Increase your horizontal search engine visibility so that customers are able to find you and your business on relevant search terms.

    With a structured SEO & Content marketing campaign you can welcome leads and site visitors into the top of your funnel and from there guide them through your individual customer journey, or, retarget them with efficient Retargeting Ads.

    1. Research & Planning

    In the first phase of my SEO Optimization campaigns, I investigate the market and competitors. I identify new search terms and content ideas in order to find untapped markets.

    2. Content Creation

    When it comes to content, it is important to combine quality with quantity. The purpose of content is to satisfy the user intent, and this is what search engines focus on when it comes to rating content.

    3. Scaling

    When the hub content is already published, it is time to find long-tail keywords as well as creative ways to reach even more people. This is what I call scaling and increasing Brand Awareness. In this stage results of SEO increase exponentially.

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