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Onpage SEO Auditing, Content Optimization, E.A.T. Improvements, Offpage Suggestions, Toxic Links Removal, Technical SEO, Index Management, Page Speed Improvements & much more!

Working on a project for multiple months increases my understanding of your projects and thus the chance of succeeding because I can test multiple variables and adapt based on the data.

E-Commerce SEO


Correct Perma structure, removing technical issues such and optimizing for your product. Increase Organic Traffic, get more sales with content marketing.


With organic traffic you are generating customers, without spending money on Advertisement. SEO can be your traffic channel with the lowest CPA and thus help you build a sustainable brand.


Onpage, Offpage & Technical SEO


Heading Structure, Meta Descriptions, User Intent, Internal & External Linking, Linkbuilding, Spam & Toxic Link Removals, Mobile Optimization, Permalink Structure, Structured Data, Schema, Page Speed and more.


The three core factors for every SEO. Optimize your website for search engines and users in order to create the best ranking chances as well as maintaining a great UX.

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