MedixCBD: A CBD E-Commerce Store

How we grew MedixCBD from 0 to 6 Figures with Content Optimization, Linkbuilding and PR.

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Revenue increase by 220% within 4 months with SEO only

From 200 daily visitors to more than 4,000 clicks

The Shop's Conversion Rate increased from 2,17% to 4,82%

About the client

MedixCBD is an e-commerce shop and was founded in 2017 with a seed capital of $300,000. CEO Miguel Ligano reached out to me in early 2018 and we started working together in the spring of 2018, at which time it was still a start up.

MedixCBD had no brand awareness whatsoever and promoting CBD products was and is not possible on various advertising platforms. After a strategy consultation, we agreed on the following marketing channels with founder Miguel Lozano:

  • - Classic search engine optimization (SEO)
  • - Organic social media marketing
  • - Email Marketing

Since my main focus was SEO, I will put the most emphasis on this traffic channel.

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Starting position

No brand awareness

When we started working with MedixCBD, the company was founded only a few months earlier. There was no search visibility or social media presence, so we started completely from ground zero.

New Domain

The domain "" was also only a few months old, so it was clear that the website would not be trusted by the search engines right away and exponential growth was not guaranteed but possible, and that was the only thing that counted. Before our cooperation MedixCBD already started a "Press Release", but this campaign caused us more problems than advantages as it connected with a lot of low quality and spammy links.

Problems due to Press Release

The problem with this Press Release was that it linked exclusively to the Medixcbd homepage with the anchor text "CBD Oil". Thus, the domain received over 100 links with an hard anchor text to one URL only.

Consequently, search engines were confused, as it was assumed that the home page itself would want to rank for the search term "CBD Oil". But this was not the case, as the search intent for this search term is clearly the product or category page and the home page is mainly for brand introduction.

This confusion can be seen in the cannibalization that occurred at the time, where Google was undecided about which page to index:

Screenshot 1

Also, search engines most likely viewed this press release as spam and therefore the chance of a penalty was high.

Solution & Work

First, technical problems were identified and solved. Followed by a content optimization and many split tests, the foundation was laid to start an ongoing cooperation in the area of link building & PR. The financial budget of MedixCBD was not comparable to the competition, so we had to ensure that every other variable of MedixCBD was superior to the competition.

Technical Optimizations

Through a website audit, we were able to identify the following issues that could limit the potential of visibility in the long run:

  • - Fundamental errors in the page & permalink structure.
  • - 404 Errors
  • - Crawling anomalies & indexing problems
  • - Redirect Chains
  • - Thin & Duplicate Content Pages
  • - Missing Schema Mark Up
  • - No alt text provided for this image

Screenshot 2

Within a few days, the above issues were resolved and content optimization continued.

Content & CR

An optimized product page not only leads to better rankings, but also to higher conversion rates. If the website looks professional and trustworthy, you drastically increase the chance of purchase.

We have improved the following points at MedixCBD:

  • - The product thumbnail
  • - Advanced product images gallery
  • - Detailed product description
  • - Ingredients
  • - FAQ
  • - Reviews

Originally MedixCBD had only 2 product images on each product page. We increased this number to 6 product images with the help of a designer. Through a split test, we were then able to determine which thumbnail generates the most "Add to Cart" clicks and thus identified the best thumbnail.

Instead of a standard SEO text, we created a customized product description with embedded media for MedixCBD.

The goal of the optimization was to make the buying process as simple as possible.

The combination of relevant information about the product, visual content to attract attention and customer reviews provides an optimal user experience (UX).

The result was a significant increase in the conversion rate:

Screenshot 4

On-page optimization

We also tested the meta information to identify the highest CTR.

We were also able to eliminate the existing keyword cannibalization between the home page and category or product pages through strategic internal linking.

Finally, a structured siloing was introduced and relevant pages of the silo structure were internally linked to each other. Relatively quickly and without heavy link building, the CBD Oil category page thus landed on the first page for the search term "CBD Oil." Exponential results were subsequently obtained with active Linkbuilding.


After many on-page optimizations were done on the site, we were able to start the first part of the linkbuilding campaign: Pillow Linkbuilding.

With Pillow Linkbuilding we were able to influence the ratio of dofollow and nofollow links, as well as the anchor texts, so that the Link profile looks more natural.

In the first part of the linkbuilding campaign, no major ranking improvements were achieved yet, but this was also not the goal yet. For that we were about to introduce authority links soon.

Authority Linkbuilding

With the help of high-quality links, we were able to greatly increase the authority of the MedixCBD website within a very short period of time.

In addition, we have carried out Tier 2 Linkbuilding: In T2 linkbuilding, equally strong links are placed on the linking articles of the authoritative sites.

Thus, the strength of the actual outreach links were increased and even those linking articles generated traffic, such as an article from ( This article, linking to the client ranked on the first page for the keyword "CBD Oil" in America.

How did we get MedixCBD published on the biggest magazines?

MedixCBD was mentioned and linked on the most prestigious publications in the CBD and health industry through our off-page campaign. Quite often, the article’s content was dedicated to our client. For such an authoritative publication, close contact with journalists is essential, as you cannot acquire such links on the public market.

In addition, in 2018 and 2019, during our cooperation, the topic of CBD was popular and interesting for many reporters, so by suggesting specific topics we managed to get MedixCBD published on magazines like Businessinsider, Askmen or Men's Health:

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


Within a few months, the combination of the above-mentioned marketing measures led to positive results on MedixCBD's overall traffic and, accordingly, sales.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic from search engines increased from less than 200 daily visitors to more than 4,000 clicks per day:

Screenshot 5

Total visitors

If the indirect visitors from social media and the email frequencies are added, we were able to achieve a weekly visitor increase of 2,500%:

Screenshot 6

Sales figures

Revenue has increased from $55,758.56 to $178,605.28 per month:

Screenshot 7

Working with MedixCBD has been a mutual success. The marketing expenses were covered by the high ROI in a very short time and MedixCBD was able to grow and increase the marketing budget together with us.

Within four months, we helped MedixCBD increase monthly revenue by 220%. And we did it in a particularly competitive and capital-intensive industry. As a result, the client was able to hire more employees and open a new headquarters in Florida.

On 11/06/2019, MedixCBD was acquired by the American venture capital firm "CBD Capital" for $5,000,000. CBD Capital Group now acts as the umbrella organization of MedixCBD and helps the company to achieve further milestones.

We thank MedixCBD and CEO Miguel Lozano and wish the company continued success!

The successful company sale has also been reported by Forbes and Yahoo Finance, among others:

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  • -