Invest First: A German Proptech Start Up

Offering an All-In-One Real Estate Investment opportunity with a reviewed property and a pre-secured loan.

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German Real Estate Investing Platform

Traffic Generation through High Quality YouTube Videos and Website Blog

Nominated for German Top Start Ups

About the company

The Invest First GmbH is a project I’m evolved in since the start and that I own equity of, so we are not talking about client work here but about a Start-up that I work on with friends of my hometown.

Invest First GmbH

About the Company

Invest First is a PropTech Start Up, based in Germany and founded in 2020. At investors can acquire exclusive off-market properties based in all over Germany. We work together with chosen developers that work in this field since many decades.

Invest First verifies every property and lists only proven business models. Invest First also helps the investor to get an efficient bank loan and thus offers an All-in-One Service for Property Investors.


Because real estate is a highly sensitive topic and needs absolute trust between agent and buyer, we decided to focus on Organic marketing and show our faces.

Therefore, we started an education YouTube channel where we cover common questions from real estate investors and where we document successful stories from our past clients.

At the same time, we also run a Blog where we do the exact same in textual format. However, because the search intent on Google is different from YouTube, we cover slightly different topics there.


The Branding of is modern and minimalistic to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere with a focus on the actual product and service. The Invest First platform website is custom-made with a German Web developer, the media and content is briefed by me and created by employees.

Through a deep Keyword & Competitors Research I was able to identify the most important content pieces that we scheduled in a Content pipeline, that we work on regularly. The YouTube video production is made by Roman Hopp.

Future Goals

We want to drastically increase the quantity of the content and reach more people through our YouTube channel. The visual media channel is ideal to establish trust with our target audience. From there we offer many free services and funnel Leads to a sales call with Mathias Otto who presents our business model in very detail.