With Hansaplast's marketing department we created over 40 articles and published them to relevant blogs.

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Created over 40 SEO content pieces

Direct cooperation with the marketing department of Hansaplast

Website Traffic increase by 25%

About the client

Worldwide, Hansaplast is considered one of the most famous plaster brands and is one of the largest manufacturers of wound care products.

Hansaplast is a plaster brand of Beiersdorf AG. The Hansaplast plaster was developed in 1922 by combining Leukoplast and a gauze pad.

In 2020, I was commissioned to improve the company's search engine optimization with the help of linkbuilding.


Starting position

Linkbuilding has already been done on the page, but the page lacks authority and pagerank to gain traction in the SERPS.


Together with the marketing department of Hansaplast it was decided to build newspaper link in the period from 01.12.19 to 31.01.20. The focus here is on newspapers with high domain rating, so that Google is conveyed that these are authoritative pages.


In the period from 01.12.19 to 31.01.20 40 backlinks were built.

Organic traffic increased from 12,870 visitors per month (Ahrefs, 01.12.19) to 15,988 visitors per month (Ahrefs, 20.01.20).


In summary, this is a successful link building campaign. The organic traffic has increased by almost 25% in a period of 60 days. We wish the Hansaplast team continued success in the future!