DXOne: A Crypto Trading & Research Platform

How we acquired hundreds of leads for an upcoming Crypto Exchange.

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2,000+ monthly visitors through organic marketing

Professional PR campaign with featured on major publications

Increased brand searches by 1.500%

About the client

DXOne is a professional cryptocurrency trading and research platform. DXOne offers an innovative Dual Token system with their DX1 Utility and Security Token. With the DX1U Token Traders enjoy lower Fees and the DX1S Token allows Investors to participate in DXOne’s Revenue by owning a part of the company.

DXOne was founded in Cyprus and I met CEO Luciano Nonnis in DXOne’s headquarters in July 2020. We started working together in October 2020.


Starting position

DXOne is an upcoming All in One Trading and Research platform that was launched during the crypto hype of Late 2020. Therefore, we knew demand, wants and needs for crypto exchanges is there and we had a good starting point.

However, competitors that are in the markets for many years are strong and have almost unlimited resources. So we knew it wouldn’t be easy to gain visibility for a newcomer exchange.

Also, with strict Ads rules and restrictions, we weren’t able to just run Ads, but we definitely needed to be creative. That’s why I presented an organic SEO action plan and PR campaign.


DXOne had close to zero Branding, and no one was researching for their brand name, so I chose to target crypto-related search terms with an external blog. This way we could generate relevant, organic traffic and funnel the visitors to DXOne.

At the same time, we chose to do a direct PR campaign for itself. Therefore, we were in a very good position because DXOne just closed their first investing round and this was the perfect topic to talk about for the broad media.


For our external SEO blog, the focus lies in informational and commercial content. We monetize this website with an omnipresent Call to Action Banner to DXOne.

I did a deep Keywords and Competitors research and identified lucrative search terms that we could rank for in a relatively short period of time. The briefings for the articles were extremely detailed and structured, so that we could target as many long tail keywords as possible.

It was very important to me that I didn’t just create content, but content that actually brings value to the readers so that the site was trustworthy and people would convert better and not just bounce off the pages.

That is why I hired 5 authoritative and experienced authors from other related media outlets such as Investopedia, Coindesk, Cointelegraph and more.

The PR campaign for DXOne was in cooperation with chosen publications and the content was created to be interesting and engaging. This was our chance to reach a very high amount of crypto readers on their favorite publication, so we wanted to present DXOne from it’s best side.

Every article should also contain a direct link to the Exchange, so that they could also have a direct SEO benefit that looks trustworthy in Google’s eyes.


The external traffic blog reached gets about 50 organic visitors per day and is growing exponentially as we are continuously scaling the content. Within a week, we get about 10 Link clicks to DXOne, which is a 4% Click-Through Rate. This is a very good standpoint and leaves so much potential on the table that we will work on within the next weeks.

With the PR campaign we were able to publish DXOne on major publications such as the ones below:


Some of the most relevant publications can be reached at:

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I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet such a dedicated team and be able to grow this innovative product. I’m very excited about where DXOne is heading within the next few months.