Moving to Cyprus with Ricardo Gorski

If you are coming from my YouTube Channel, then you are probably interested in moving to Cyprus. Lucky you, as I'm offering professional services on helping you to do so.

My services

Those are the services that I offer regarding moving to Cyprus and building a business here.

Company Incorporation

I'm working with an accounting & law firm that is able to create a Cyprus Ltd company for you within a short period of time. In addition to that, we will register you for VAT, Social insurance and we take over your long-term bookkeeping.


We help you get your temporary and permanent residency here (Yellow or Pink Slip) as well as the Non-Dom status, which gives you the 60-day freedom in Cyprus.

Finding a property for you

I also offer the service of finding the perfect rental or investment property for you.

Get in contact with me!

As every case is very individual, it always makes sense to discuss the details. For that, feel free to e-mail me to my Cyprus-related mailbox