Marketing Agency Business Plan (Perfect Template & Example)

Start your own marketing agency with this business plan template.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

This article is a reference to my YouTube video "How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency"

This template is created by Ricardo Gorski and free to use for everybody. Just duplicate this document on the top right corner. Then go ahead and remove my text samples and add your individual notes. Also, you can remove and/or add specific topics to your business plan.

Who are we?

We are a Toronto based marketing agency with a passion for growth and digital marketing. Our team consists of 3 creative heads that deliver professional work.

What do we do?

Our service is Social Media Marketing. We offer strategic marketing campaigns with guaranteed success.

Our Values

  • Professional Work
  • Fast Results
  • Transparency
  • Easy to understand Reportings
  • Going the Extra mile for our clients
  • Goals

    • In the first 12 months we want to close at least 10 clients.
    • Our workflow and processes should be fluent and automated.
    • Also, we want to add 2 new services that include Website Development and SEO.


    We are going to be the #1 SMM Agency in Toronto. Within the next 3 years we want to open 5 new offices and become a world known business.

  • Our Product / Services

  • Cold DMs Outreach Campaign
  • Client Support Management
  • All inclusive Social Media Management
  • Content Production
  • Creating your own IG Filter
  • Social Media Kit Design

Target Clients

  • Toronto based businesses
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Local Businesses with no Social Media Presence yet
  • Our USP

  • We have a local presence and are always available for physical meetings
  • We are a discrete and trust-worthy business
  • We offer individual Marketing consulting calls for every potential client
  • Pricing / Monetization Model

  • Main Competitors

  • Competitor 1
  • Competitor 2
  • ...
  • Systems (Reoccuring Tasks)

    • Weekly

  • - Content Production
  • - Marketing Operations
  • - Weekly team call

    • Monthly

    • - Client Reporting
      • - Accounting
      • - Strategy Team meeting
    • Quarterly

    • - Goals Setting
      • - Quarterly earnings report
    • Annual

    • - Tax Declaration
      • - Yearly Goals Setting
      • - Physical Meeting with Key clients

Potentials / Best Case

  • Becoming the #1 marketing agency and having big corporates as clients
  • Making clients happy by growing their business
  • Hiring new employees and giving them opportunities
  • Becoming known in the local area for your work and successes
  • Problems / Worst Case

  • Not being able to sell the business model
  • Loosing most of the clients because of an economic crisis
  • Social Media gets banned by the government
  • Comments

        • Here you can add additional informations that come up when brainstorming.