Ricardo Gorski

is a marketing consultant, branding expert and digital entrepreneur. Ricardo lives in Cyprus and is involved in three start up companies.

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My Story

In 2018, I moved to Bali, Indonesia for half a year, right after I finished my Abitur in Germany. In Bali I scaled my first real business, which I founded in Germany. Likewise, I founded several affiliate sites in different industries and I offered SEO services through my former agency Marketinghope.

With Marketinghope I managed 100+ clients, also corporate companies such as Hansaplast, Eucerin and many more. When I came back to Germany in 2019, I sold most of my web projects and now I passionately focus on my long-term companies.

I am convinced that an organic marketing campaign is the best way to build a sustainable and independent business. Growing brand awareness introduces more people to your product, and that's why I focus on a holistic marketing strategy when working with clients or scaling my own business.